6 Types of Polo Shirts


Polo shirts have been around for a very long time. The t-shirts give you an option of being casual and comfortable, and at the same time look stylish and well dressed. Are you planning on purchasing a Polo t-shirt? Here are a few of the different types that you can choose:




From their name, these are shirts that are made from different products. In many cases they are made from cotton and synthetic materials. This helps in combining the price of cotton and the resilience of the synthetic products. The cool thing with these t-shirts is that they are comfortable, inexpensive, and stain and wrinkle resistant. You can easily screen print or embroider them. It is intresting for you to know about indian fashion designers on this website www.strandofsilk.com .




You use these t-shirts outdoors. They are typically of very high quality and have added functions such as odor reducers and UV defense. They are made from a combined, light-weight material. You can take them for embroidery, but it's extremely discouraged that you evaluate print them due to their high expense.


Jersey Knit


They are made from an elastic-like product which makes them wrinkle totally free. Although, they breathe easily, they do not last as long as performance polo shirts.


They are economical and great for embroidery. Due to the structure of the fabric, you are dissuaded from screen printing them.




They are fantastic as they are resistant to spots and wrinkles. They are also durable and last for a long period of time. While the shirts are excellent, they are not as soft as cotton makings them less comfy to use. You can just embroider them-screen printing wears them off.




Cotton golf shirt are fantastic as they are comfy to wear, quickly absorb wetness and are inexpensive. You can also embroider and screen prints them. Their main defects are that they quickly wrinkle, stain and shrink.




Do you have a dressy occasion? Silk polo shirts are the shirts to choose. The silk makes the t-shirts shine while at the same time remaining light and comfy. While silk is fantastic, it wrinkles easily, it's extremely expensive and you can't screen print or embroider it.


When purchasing the shirts you ought to keep in mind that different shirts are perfect for various celebrations. Silk polo t-shirts on the other hand are ideal for celebrations that require you to be elegant.


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